2013 Geely Low Cost Cars from China

Prices are not much different from the motor, this car would break the universal predicate cheapest car that had been held by the Tata Nano, the current price has gone up to between U.S. $ 2800-3800. IG concept itself looked impressive in the arena of the Beijing Auto Show and the design and the latest technology. In the concept model, IG apply alias gull-wing doors gullwing model with a futuristic curves.

Meanwhile, for the kitchen pacunya, Geely IG is already applying the concept of hybrid technology by combining a conventional engine with a capacity of 998 cc and an electric motor.

With the combination of two forces, the Geely IG capable drove up to the speed of 150 km / hr. Those skills gained power thanks to a donation from a conventional engine power to be able to remove 52 kW at 6000 rpm with torque reaching 93 Nm at 3400-3800 RPM.

While the electric motor driven his Iron Phosphate lithium-capable
belching power up to 60 kW at 6000 rpm engine speed reaches 180 Nm of torque at 6000 RPM.

2010 Piaggio Zip 100 Scooters graphics For Women

2010 Piaggio Zip 100 Scooters graphics For Women

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2010 Piaggio Zip 100 Scooters graphics For Women