Gambar Modivikasi Motor Jupiter MX 2010

Gambar Modivikasi Motor Jupiter MX 2010

Light Care Tips-Tip Wear Jupiter MX 135LC CDI Racing Jupiter-Z

Because engine power Yamaha Jupiter MX135 LC has not come out all. As limited. Because CDI is equipped limiter. As a result, only a third round of gas, the engine immediately mbrebet. It was felt Em-Plus as the first journalist duck testing in 135 cc seputaran factory finish launching.

Arriving at the hands of consumers also mbrebet. If you do not believe the gas monggo abis twist. Feel and look, the rhythm of the engine 4 tones directly gasingan not regular. Mbrebet.

The easiest way replace the CDI racing. As artificial BRT (Bintang Racing Team) from Cibinong. CDI or other options made Rendy Yusticia Lampung.

The size of the ignition timing control device Jupiter MX considerable. For extra sensors together with my fan (radiator fan). "So there are two sockets on the CDI.'s First major connector, connected to the CDI. Serta small connector to the sensor fan," said Tomy Huang, inventor of the CDI Cibinong.

Despite a large socket (fig. 1). Can be transplanted from the cable wire from the socket using CDI's Jupiter-Z. Jupie CDI connector it can be purchased at the auto parts store. Or if absurdly body responsible buying fake cables. The most expensive USD 40 thousand. Simply take his CDI socket only.

Transplantation into Jupiter MX connector cable. Orange (coil) to see orange. White (pulser) and white meet. Chocolate (stun) meet chocolate. Black (period) black met. One again, the red (of Jupiter) to see a blue stripe on the black connector cable Jupiter MX.