Modivikasi Motor Honda New Absolute Revo 2010

Gambar Modivikasi Motor Honda New Absolute Revo 2010 : CW,Deluxe and Spoke

Foto Modivikasi Motor Honda New Absolute Revo 2010
PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) as a single agent Honda brand holders do not just display a few units of the three variants of a new variant, the Spoke, Deluxe Casting Casting Wheel and Wheel). There are two units Revo Alsolute a modified go on display, the Revo and Revo Hitech Sporty Luxury VIP. Absolute Revo appropriate to the most luxurious Hitech Sporty. But the most interesting of these modifications is the muffler design. Both the Hitech and Luxury styles are designed moge. The model is not long, but short and trapezoidal design, rather than round or oval.

The most luxurious of the two models is that Sporty. Both rim which superlebar homemade, including the design of his fingers. Impression as a motor-powered fast rate freeze is emitted through both the front and rear brake system was adopted disc. Then the model changed the standard suspension into monosok.

Not only that, given the standard swing arm condom (wrapped) dual models added to make a duck look muscular. Then, certain parts of the body such as Kevlar motives contrived central motor, and some sepatbor back sepatbor front, the inside wing, shell lamps and handle (the back seat). So, grip on the handlebars also replaced and be given be given a counterweight end.

On the outside of the wing given two small lights, one of whom serves as a light sein. Unfortunately, Footstep is still the standard and make a foothold pebomceng no. Included also on Luxury models. Understandably, his name also made reference modifications.

While the Luxury model, suspension systems still refer to the standard. Only the slope angle has changed more to the front and wearing gas model. In addition to the short exhaust, other interesting things foothold for motorists strained wide. Model designed Sepatbor motogp back. Very fitted with six bolt rim.

Spesifikasi New Absolute Revo 2010

Length X width X height: 709 x 1925 x 1084 mm
Axle distance: 1221 mm
Lowest distance to the ground: 147 mm
Empty weight: 98 kg (CW); 97 kg (Spoke)
Type of housing: The backbone
Type front suspension: Teleskopik
Type of rear suspension: swing arm with twin shock absorbers
Front tire size: 70/90 - 17 M / C 38P
Rear tire size: 80/90 - 17 M / C 44P
Brake front: hydraulic disc with single piston
Rear brake: Tromol
Fuel tank capacity: 3.7 lt
Engine type: 4 steps, SOHC, air cooling
Diameter x measures: 50 x 55.6 mm
Volume measures: 109.1 cc
Comparison of compression: 9.0: 1
Maximum power: 8.46 PS/7.500 rpm
Maximum torque: 0.86 kgf.m/5.500 rpm
Engine lubricating oil capacity: 0.8 lt at the turn of the periodic
Auto Clutch: Centrifugal, wet type, and double
Gigi transmsi: 4-speed fixed mesh
Pattern pengoperan teeth: Centrifugal, wet type, and double
Starter: Pedal and Electric
Aki: MF 12 V - 3 Ah
Ignition system: DC-CDI, Battery