Modivikasi Yamaha Vixion 2010 Top Speed

Gambar Modivikasi Yamaha Vixion 2010 Top Speed
Foto Modivikasi Yamaha Vixion 2010 Top Speed
Technology and actualization are two key words are best acclimatized for Yamaha artefact cartoon this one. 3 Years afterwards the aboriginal barrage in 2007, this year Yamaha V-Ixion change his actualization to be added adventurous and aggressive.

Started the year 2010 was PT. Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia, Yamaha introduces the new faces V-Ixion a added avant-garde and aerodynamic. Changes fabricated by the affectation YMKI Yamaha V-Ixion is appealing abundant activity to abundantly affect the actualization of the face and motor action in 2009 auspiciously won 3 awards at the aforementioned time, as the "Best Handling", "Best Features & Technology" from MR. Testo Accolade Automotive abridged version, and the accolade for "Motor Sport" the best 191-249cc chic "IMOTY Accolade Motorev annual 2009.

Changes that action in the Yamaha V-Ixion is a change in the Basin Box is a atramentous color. This atramentous blush options will advance to solid and affected impression. Striping architecture was afflicted so that makes his actualization alike added avant-garde and activating look.

However, best accomplish the changes the face of the high-tech campaign is altered is the anatomy of headlights. Arch lamp V-Ixion who had a annular will about-face to added futuristic. Multi-reflector arch lamp is acclimatized from the actualization and avant-garde design, this absolutely gives a altered ambience and added handsome. Sophistication of technology, abundant accomplishment and acid bend architecture makes the actualization Yamaha V-Ixion became added sporty, futuristic, powerful, and more college quality. Available in 3 colors, namely Atramentous Gold, Blue and Red Gray Atramentous Yamaha V-Ixion is in accordance with a adolescent being who enjoyed motor cartage with avant-garde technology.

With the anchored bang technology brings the ammunition accumulation system, DiAsil butt (single cilinder in an cocked position which makes it accessible to abrasion and durable), basin box anatomy (providing adherence and abundance while driving), artificial pistons (pistons are fabricated with wrought systems , actual able and accept ability yangtinggi) and aqueous cooled (the temperature can be controlled so as to put burden on the college compression, but it can additionally aerate energy, ammunition ability and advance the backbone of the machine) Yamaha V-Ixion abide the best best in its chic .

In agreement of marketing, Yamaha optimistic on the auction of new V-Ixion this. If aftermost year's Yamaha sales ambition of 18,000 units per month. At this year Yamaha added the ambition for 20% of the ambition year 2009. Optimism is based on the accomplishment of Yamaha V-Ixion, who has auspiciously active the no.1 bazaar allotment of all brands, for chic motor action in Indonesia in 2009.

Great performance, Labor Strikes! Yamaha V-Ixion, the added can not ngikutin.

Spesifikasi Yamaha V-Ixion 2010:


L x W x T

2000 m x 705 mm x 1035 mm

Axle ambit

1282 mm

Lowest ambit to the arena

167 mm

Seat acme

790 mm

Weight agreeable

125 kg

Bensi catchbasin accommodation

12 liters


Type agent

Step 4, 4 valve SOHC? Ammunition Injection, Berpendingin aqueous

Number / Position the butt

Single Butt / Portrait

Volume butt

149.8 cc

Bore x Stroke

57.0 x 58.7 mm

Comparison of compression

10:40: 1

Maximum ability

14.88 HP / 8500 rpm

Maximum torque

13.1 N.m / 7.500rpm

Starter arrangement

Electric Starter and Kick Starter

Lubrication arrangement


Engine oil accommodation

Total: 1.15 Liter / Replacement Regular: 0.95 Liter

Type Throttle Body

(Mikuni) AC28 x 1

Type clamp

Wet, Manual Clutch, Multiplat

Transmission blazon

Return, 5 Speed

Operation of the manual arrangement

1 - N - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5


Type adjustment:

Pressed Backbone (Delta Box)

Suspension Front:


Rear Suspension:

Sway Arm, Suspension Monocross

Tires Front:

2.75? 17 41P

Rear tires:

90/90? 17 M / C 49 P

Brakes Front


Rear Brake



Ignition Arrangement:

T.C.I / Transistorized Coil Ignition (Digital)


YTZ5S-MF (MF Battery)

Type Busi: