Modivikasi Motor Honda Beat 2010

Gambar Modivikasi Motor Honda Beat 2010 Baru

Honda Beat The following modifications are still with the concept of Lowrider style to be used as a daily vehicle. We found dibengkelnya "Anugrah Motor" in Cibubur Point Automotive Center, as is usually the owner mas ya Jay Honda Beat ngoprek busy to give the final touch on the color of the iron horse of 2008 items lansiran the.

Spesifikasi Modivikasi Honda Beat Baru:
Honda Beat specification modifications this time as follows::
Velg framed rear wheels Custom Daihatsu cars pake radius 72 Ring 14 "wide 5", - the Ring 12 "wide 4".
140/60 rear tires, 120/70 front tubles.
Withdraw-withdraw 12 cm.
Custom rear view mirror.
Motor brands Stang
RPM Gauge.
Shockbreaker YSS.
Pro brand brake handle.
Grip KTC.
Custom Body Kit.
Tromol original front brakes, front disc original.
Footstep costom front rest.
Front Fender (spakbor) Aprilia custom models.
Custom front triangle.
Koso air filter.
Close ICON fan.
Yamaha Fino exhaust cover.
Close LHK oil.
Custom stirrup, visor Supra x 125.
Spesifikasi Honda Beat 2010

Spesifikasi Standart Honda Beat Baru:
Length X width X height: 1859 x 1053 mm 876
Axle distance: 1240 mm
Lowest distance to the ground: 156 mm
Empty weight: 89.3 kg
Type of housing: Spine
Type front suspension: Teleskopik
Type of rear suspension: swing arm with a single sokbreker
Front tire size: 80/90 - 14 M / C 40P
Rear tire size: 90/90 - 14 M / C 46P
Brake front: hydraulic disc with single piston
Rear brake: Tromol
Fuel tank capacity: 3.5 liters
Engine type: 4 Steps SOHC, cooling fan
Diameter x measures: 50 x 55 mm
Volume step: 108 cc
Comparison of compression: 9.2: 1
Maximum Power: 8.22 PS / 8000 rpm
Maximum torque: 0.85 kgf.m / 5500 rpm
Engine lubricating oil capacity: 0.7 liter in the periodic replacement
Clutch Auto: Otomotis, Centrifugal, dry type
Gigi transmsi: Automatic, V-Matic
Pattern pengoperan teeth: --
Starter: Electric & Kick Starter
Aki: NF Battery, 12 V - 3.5 Ah
Busi: ND U 24 EPR9 / NGK CPR8 EA-9
Ignition system: DC - CDI, Battery