Helm standar SNI 2010 Pictures

Helm standar SNI 2010 Pictures
Helm standar SNI 2010 Pictures
Helm standar SNI 2010 Pictures
Helm standar SNI 2010 Pictures
Helm standar SNI 2010 Pictures
Police still do soialisasi tehadap helmet use berlebel SNI (Indonesian Civic Standard). The administrator will advise the bikers who use helmets cetok.
Contoh merk helm Standar SNI:
Starting today, the bikers are appropriate to use helmets berlebel SNI (Indonesian Civic Standard). 19 merk helmet which is advised to accept civic standards of Indonesia such as NHK, GM, VOG, Ps, MIX, INK, KYT, MDS, BMC, sharks, Jpn, BESTI, CROSX, SMI, SHC, OTOKOGI, CABERG, HBC and Cargloss Helmet.

Modivikasi Suzuki Shogun 125 SP 2010

Gambar Modivikasi Motor Suzuki Shogun 125 SP 2010

Foto Modivikasi Motor Suzuki Shogun 125 SP 2010

Review Modivikasi
To improve stability and handling, many of which replace the standard tires with shogun SP 80/90-17 tubeless tires for the front, rear and 90/80-17 for. Brief engine shogun and smashes like, but use the engine block shogun of Japan, while using the engine block smash from Siam cheaper. Begel and muffler to actually be using the Shogun SP, while able to use the possessive velgnya Smash SR.

Modivikasi Yamaha Vixion 2010 Top Speed

Gambar Modivikasi Yamaha Vixion 2010 Top Speed
Foto Modivikasi Yamaha Vixion 2010 Top Speed
Technology and actualization are two key words are best acclimatized for Yamaha artefact cartoon this one. 3 Years afterwards the aboriginal barrage in 2007, this year Yamaha V-Ixion change his actualization to be added adventurous and aggressive.

Started the year 2010 was PT. Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia, Yamaha introduces the new faces V-Ixion a added avant-garde and aerodynamic. Changes fabricated by the affectation YMKI Yamaha V-Ixion is appealing abundant activity to abundantly affect the actualization of the face and motor action in 2009 auspiciously won 3 awards at the aforementioned time, as the "Best Handling", "Best Features & Technology" from MR. Testo Accolade Automotive abridged version, and the accolade for "Motor Sport" the best 191-249cc chic "IMOTY Accolade Motorev annual 2009.

Changes that action in the Yamaha V-Ixion is a change in the Basin Box is a atramentous color. This atramentous blush options will advance to solid and affected impression. Striping architecture was afflicted so that makes his actualization alike added avant-garde and activating look.

However, best accomplish the changes the face of the high-tech campaign is altered is the anatomy of headlights. Arch lamp V-Ixion who had a annular will about-face to added futuristic. Multi-reflector arch lamp is acclimatized from the actualization and avant-garde design, this absolutely gives a altered ambience and added handsome. Sophistication of technology, abundant accomplishment and acid bend architecture makes the actualization Yamaha V-Ixion became added sporty, futuristic, powerful, and more college quality. Available in 3 colors, namely Atramentous Gold, Blue and Red Gray Atramentous Yamaha V-Ixion is in accordance with a adolescent being who enjoyed motor cartage with avant-garde technology.

With the anchored bang technology brings the ammunition accumulation system, DiAsil butt (single cilinder in an cocked position which makes it accessible to abrasion and durable), basin box anatomy (providing adherence and abundance while driving), artificial pistons (pistons are fabricated with wrought systems , actual able and accept ability yangtinggi) and aqueous cooled (the temperature can be controlled so as to put burden on the college compression, but it can additionally aerate energy, ammunition ability and advance the backbone of the machine) Yamaha V-Ixion abide the best best in its chic .

In agreement of marketing, Yamaha optimistic on the auction of new V-Ixion this. If aftermost year's Yamaha sales ambition of 18,000 units per month. At this year Yamaha added the ambition for 20% of the ambition year 2009. Optimism is based on the accomplishment of Yamaha V-Ixion, who has auspiciously active the no.1 bazaar allotment of all brands, for chic motor action in Indonesia in 2009.

Great performance, Labor Strikes! Yamaha V-Ixion, the added can not ngikutin.

Spesifikasi Yamaha V-Ixion 2010:


L x W x T

2000 m x 705 mm x 1035 mm

Axle ambit

1282 mm

Lowest ambit to the arena

167 mm

Seat acme

790 mm

Weight agreeable

125 kg

Bensi catchbasin accommodation

12 liters


Type agent

Step 4, 4 valve SOHC? Ammunition Injection, Berpendingin aqueous

Number / Position the butt

Single Butt / Portrait

Volume butt

149.8 cc

Bore x Stroke

57.0 x 58.7 mm

Comparison of compression

10:40: 1

Maximum ability

14.88 HP / 8500 rpm

Maximum torque

13.1 N.m / 7.500rpm

Starter arrangement

Electric Starter and Kick Starter

Lubrication arrangement


Engine oil accommodation

Total: 1.15 Liter / Replacement Regular: 0.95 Liter

Type Throttle Body

(Mikuni) AC28 x 1

Type clamp

Wet, Manual Clutch, Multiplat

Transmission blazon

Return, 5 Speed

Operation of the manual arrangement

1 - N - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5


Type adjustment:

Pressed Backbone (Delta Box)

Suspension Front:


Rear Suspension:

Sway Arm, Suspension Monocross

Tires Front:

2.75? 17 41P

Rear tires:

90/90? 17 M / C 49 P

Brakes Front


Rear Brake



Ignition Arrangement:

T.C.I / Transistorized Coil Ignition (Digital)


YTZ5S-MF (MF Battery)

Type Busi:


Modivikasi Suzuki Smash Revo 2010

Gambar Modivikasi Suzuki Smash Revo 2010

Foto Modivikasi New Suzuki Smash Revo 2010

Suzuki Smash supermoto concept is already in category extreme transsexual. His stride is correct to focus on the legs. To process the feet part of its plug and play for Suzuki are not the same. Unless Honda can crosspart with a single motor species. Shock front bar application of the motor is no problem of any type of origin in accordance with the concept that we would wake up. Live lathe assembly according to komstir as standardnya as Smash. Also continue to axle damper boss wheels following KALIPER front brakes.
Departure from concept to application supermoto wheel when the ring front 17 rear with a wide front: 2.50 rear: 3.50 front tire: rear tires 120.70.17: 140.70.17. Swingarm and can monoshocknya custom products or applications have a warrior of any kind that in fact is still one species.

Modivikasi Honda Vario 2010 Low Rider

Gambar Modivikasi Honda Vario 2010 Low Rider

Foto Modivikasi Honda Vario 2010 Low Rider

Honda Vario and other types of adoption matic CVT device to raise the necessary acceleration menyesuikan roller sizes. Actual motor performance kebutuhanya follow itself. Such adjustments to the motor gear settings manually. Also very diverse in size from the light until the weight capacity of standartnya size.
The point to heavily entengnya roller settings depending on the effect of changes in general machinery and see the need for pursuing a track or speednya top.

Modivikasi Motor Supra Fit X 2010

Review Modivikasi Motor Supra Fit X 2010
Many of us who like to modify the motor (modif), but many were not. The average claim made like a hobby instead. Even many who eventually became a maniac modif. Conversely, unhappy modif modif consider dangerous and lead to cost more (wasteful).

In fact, almost all motorcycles have been modified a little or a lot. Maybe people do not realize has been done modif because motors are still the standard view. Though a number of items have changed. Replace spark plugs a stronger, substitute a more comfortable handlebar, replace the lamp model is more cute and light is a simple modif.

Therefore, the importance of the modification is the purpose and function. A good goal modifications is to improve the performance and appearance of the motor so it is more secure, convenient, fast, and style.

More secure because the modifications that both will use the tools that usually after market or import of waste motor copotan a better quality. More quickly because of the modifications, both machine capacity can be maximized, or the ability to control (handling) is more optimized.
Spesifikasi Modivikasi Motor Supra Fit X 2010:
Model: MV Agusta F4 + Yamaha R1
Flow: Sport
Motorcycles: Tiger 2000
Airs next: Up-side down ex Cagiva Mito
Swingarm: Honda CBR400
Disk front: Yamaha TZR125
Rim dpn: Yamaha TZR125, 2,75-17
Rim blkg: Yamaha TZR125, 3,50-17
Tires: Battlax, 100/80-17, 130/70-17
Footstep: Kawasaki Ninja
Exhaust: Carbon
Property: Abrar Fitra

New Honda Click-i Thailand 2010 Modified

New Honda Click-i Thailand 2010 Modified Image
New Honda Click-i Thailand 2010 Modified
New Honda Click-i Thailand 2010 Modified JPG
New Honda Click-i Thailand 2010 ModifiedHONDA CLICK-I modification of the country of Thailand, with modifications sebandingkah CBS Techno Honda in Indonesia. Honda Click-i in the country of Thailand, in Indonesia reply so CBS Techno. difference there was PGM-Fi but without the CBS device like in here. now is the time of modification bedain homeland vs Thailand

Gambar Modivikasi Motor CS1 Dragon Fire 2010

Gambar Modivikasi Motor CS1 Dragon Fire 2010
Foto Modivikasi Motor CS1 Dragon Fire 2010
This is a new design Honda CS1 Dragon design is similar to Yamaha MX low rider. Have the same design concept, rear leg stretch low rider style hade but flat rear leg abis. pake knobby tires with 200 × 17 fixed front sokbreker abis.

Specifications City Sport 1

Length X width X height: 682 x 1923 x 1042 mm
Axle distance: 1251 mm
Lowest distance to the ground: 130 mm
Empty weight: 114 kg
Type of housing: Twin Tube Frame
Type front suspension: Teleskopik
Type of rear suspension: Single (Monoshock)
Front tire size: 70/90 - 17 M / C 38P
Rear tire size: 80/90 - 17 M / C 44P
Brake front: hydraulic disc with dual piston
Rear brake: hydraulic disc with single piston
Fuel tank capacity: 4.1 liters
Engine type: 4 steps, OHC, cooling water
Diameter x measures: 58 x 47.2 mm
Volume measures: 124.7 cc
Comparison of compression: 10.7: 1
Maximum power: 12.8 PS / 10,000 rpm
Maximum torque: 1:04 kgf.m / 7500 rpm
Engine lubricating oil capacity: 1.0 liter in the periodic replacement
Clutch Auto: Manual. wel multiplate clutch
Gigi transmsi: 5 speed
Pattern pengoperan teeth: 1-N-2-3-4-5
Starter: Electrik Starter & Kick Starter
Aki: MF, 12 V - 3.5 A.h
Busi: ND U24ESR-N / NGK CR8E
Ignition system:

Foto Modivikasi Motor Honda Blade 110 R 2010

Foto Modivikasi Motor Honda Blade 110 cc 2010
Gambar Modivikasi Motor Honda Blade 110 R 2010
Foto Modivikasi Motor Honda Blade 110 R Baru
With this model, it is expected, Honda Blade 110R is more acceptable among young people today, because Blade motor is easier to maneuver around the corner.

Honda Blade 110R framework is the result of the new design. According to Honda, this framework is more robust and adapted to the abilities or performance of the engine more fierce than the Honda or the Honda Fit Revo.

At the front, between the seat with the handlebars, was given "cover" or close with a more "higher" than the common duck. Similar to that used on Yamaha Jupiter MX. Even on a machine called a cool cover of "Sporty F-Shield." Another addition is the protector of the machine is right next to a small iron rod bent and installed near the Footstep. Exhaust, in the color coated Muffler is designed with an oval. Honda calls it "Sporty O-Muffler." To prevent the wheels stop spinning when the chain off, Honda complete with stopper.

Grooves in the wings, too, was firm to support dynamic and aerodynamic design of these motors, even when viewed glance, from the side wings of this bike looks like a wing that is used by rivals Yamaha Jupiter MX.

Honda Blade 110R character overstroke. Engine as its main energy source SOHC engine with a capacity of 109.1 cc. Has a diameter that measures 50 x 55.6 mm x. The resulting energy reaching 8.46 PS @ 7500 rpm and torque of 0.86 kgf-m @ 5500 rpm. Thus, its performance is between the Revo and Supra 125.

Blade comes with more stomping ie, to achieve torque at 5500 rpm. The machine that carried the latest products from Honda this was also the claim will be 10-20% more efficient than the Supra X 125 which is supposedly the most efficient motor current.

Even so, according to K. Fujihara, Leader R & D Honda, Honda Blade 110R more efficient than the 5% Absolute Honda Revo. It can be obtained because the Honda engine Blade is a new generation of Honda. This engine friction some of its components lower than any other Honda engines.

Between the piston and rocker arm (valve trigger), the form of a cylinder yanng "off-set", the piston with oil semportan reversed, lighter weight and anti-scratch. With such development, other than fuel consumption more efficient, Honda claims this engine environmentally friendly Blade or meet Euro-2 standards.
BLADE HONDA 110R Specifications


Length 1855 mm
Width 709 mm
Height 1071 mm
Axle distance of 1221 mm
Lowest distance to the surface of the road 147 mm
Weight 96.8 kg

Back framework of bone
Front Suspension Teleskopik
Rear swing arm, dual shock absorbers
Front tires 70/90-17M/C 38P
80/90-17 Rear M/C44P
Front brake discs
Rear drum
3.7 liter tank capacity

Type 4 steps, SOHC
Capacity of 109.1 cc
Air Cooler
Diameter x measures 50 x 55.6 mm
Comparison of compression 9.0: 1
Power max. 8.46 @ 7500 PS
Torque max. 0.86 kgf-m@5.500 rpm
4-speed transmission, centrifugal clutch
Starter electric starter and foot
MF 12-33,5 Ah batteries
CDI Ignition System
Busi ND U20EPR9S

Modivikasi Motor Honda New Absolute Revo 2010

Gambar Modivikasi Motor Honda New Absolute Revo 2010 : CW,Deluxe and Spoke

Foto Modivikasi Motor Honda New Absolute Revo 2010
PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) as a single agent Honda brand holders do not just display a few units of the three variants of a new variant, the Spoke, Deluxe Casting Casting Wheel and Wheel). There are two units Revo Alsolute a modified go on display, the Revo and Revo Hitech Sporty Luxury VIP. Absolute Revo appropriate to the most luxurious Hitech Sporty. But the most interesting of these modifications is the muffler design. Both the Hitech and Luxury styles are designed moge. The model is not long, but short and trapezoidal design, rather than round or oval.

The most luxurious of the two models is that Sporty. Both rim which superlebar homemade, including the design of his fingers. Impression as a motor-powered fast rate freeze is emitted through both the front and rear brake system was adopted disc. Then the model changed the standard suspension into monosok.

Not only that, given the standard swing arm condom (wrapped) dual models added to make a duck look muscular. Then, certain parts of the body such as Kevlar motives contrived central motor, and some sepatbor back sepatbor front, the inside wing, shell lamps and handle (the back seat). So, grip on the handlebars also replaced and be given be given a counterweight end.

On the outside of the wing given two small lights, one of whom serves as a light sein. Unfortunately, Footstep is still the standard and make a foothold pebomceng no. Included also on Luxury models. Understandably, his name also made reference modifications.

While the Luxury model, suspension systems still refer to the standard. Only the slope angle has changed more to the front and wearing gas model. In addition to the short exhaust, other interesting things foothold for motorists strained wide. Model designed Sepatbor motogp back. Very fitted with six bolt rim.

Spesifikasi New Absolute Revo 2010

Length X width X height: 709 x 1925 x 1084 mm
Axle distance: 1221 mm
Lowest distance to the ground: 147 mm
Empty weight: 98 kg (CW); 97 kg (Spoke)
Type of housing: The backbone
Type front suspension: Teleskopik
Type of rear suspension: swing arm with twin shock absorbers
Front tire size: 70/90 - 17 M / C 38P
Rear tire size: 80/90 - 17 M / C 44P
Brake front: hydraulic disc with single piston
Rear brake: Tromol
Fuel tank capacity: 3.7 lt
Engine type: 4 steps, SOHC, air cooling
Diameter x measures: 50 x 55.6 mm
Volume measures: 109.1 cc
Comparison of compression: 9.0: 1
Maximum power: 8.46 PS/7.500 rpm
Maximum torque: 0.86 kgf.m/5.500 rpm
Engine lubricating oil capacity: 0.8 lt at the turn of the periodic
Auto Clutch: Centrifugal, wet type, and double
Gigi transmsi: 4-speed fixed mesh
Pattern pengoperan teeth: Centrifugal, wet type, and double
Starter: Pedal and Electric
Aki: MF 12 V - 3 Ah
Ignition system: DC-CDI, Battery

Modivikasi Motor Honda Beat 2010

Gambar Modivikasi Motor Honda Beat 2010 Baru

Honda Beat The following modifications are still with the concept of Lowrider style to be used as a daily vehicle. We found dibengkelnya "Anugrah Motor" in Cibubur Point Automotive Center, as is usually the owner mas ya Jay Honda Beat ngoprek busy to give the final touch on the color of the iron horse of 2008 items lansiran the.

Spesifikasi Modivikasi Honda Beat Baru:
Honda Beat specification modifications this time as follows::
Velg framed rear wheels Custom Daihatsu cars pake radius 72 Ring 14 "wide 5", - the Ring 12 "wide 4".
140/60 rear tires, 120/70 front tubles.
Withdraw-withdraw 12 cm.
Custom rear view mirror.
Motor brands Stang
RPM Gauge.
Shockbreaker YSS.
Pro brand brake handle.
Grip KTC.
Custom Body Kit.
Tromol original front brakes, front disc original.
Footstep costom front rest.
Front Fender (spakbor) Aprilia custom models.
Custom front triangle.
Koso air filter.
Close ICON fan.
Yamaha Fino exhaust cover.
Close LHK oil.
Custom stirrup, visor Supra x 125.
Spesifikasi Honda Beat 2010

Spesifikasi Standart Honda Beat Baru:
Length X width X height: 1859 x 1053 mm 876
Axle distance: 1240 mm
Lowest distance to the ground: 156 mm
Empty weight: 89.3 kg
Type of housing: Spine
Type front suspension: Teleskopik
Type of rear suspension: swing arm with a single sokbreker
Front tire size: 80/90 - 14 M / C 40P
Rear tire size: 90/90 - 14 M / C 46P
Brake front: hydraulic disc with single piston
Rear brake: Tromol
Fuel tank capacity: 3.5 liters
Engine type: 4 Steps SOHC, cooling fan
Diameter x measures: 50 x 55 mm
Volume step: 108 cc
Comparison of compression: 9.2: 1
Maximum Power: 8.22 PS / 8000 rpm
Maximum torque: 0.85 kgf.m / 5500 rpm
Engine lubricating oil capacity: 0.7 liter in the periodic replacement
Clutch Auto: Otomotis, Centrifugal, dry type
Gigi transmsi: Automatic, V-Matic
Pattern pengoperan teeth: --
Starter: Electric & Kick Starter
Aki: NF Battery, 12 V - 3.5 Ah
Busi: ND U 24 EPR9 / NGK CPR8 EA-9
Ignition system: DC - CDI, Battery

2010 MV Agusta Brutale 990R USA Reviews

2010 MV Agusta Brutale 990R USA Pictures

2010 MV Agusta Brutale 990R USA Photos
MV Augusta finally released a recent photograph latest variant Brutale motorcycle after waiting for so long as what is the continuation of the MV Augusta's first since 10 years ago. The result is a motor that looks gahar and brutal. Compared with previous series, the MV Augusta Brutale shows the latest touch 85 percent. Brutale also released in two variants and 990R series 1090RR.
MV Augusta who happened to have bought the Harley-Davidson like to do a 'silent revolution' with the Brutale. Are indeed visible not far different from his senior, but not just Brutale reforms merely cosmetic. Starting from Audy lights bright headlight plus powerful 998 cc engine and 1078cc, make ya more brutal motorcycle on the street. Also quoted in a press statement that MV Augusta was able to touch the motor 200hp.

indicator nan asoy
Mikuni injection system applied in the Brutale, combined with traction control software that ensures traction 78lbft. Brutale engine block was much lighter than before. Oil system and the transmission mechanism has been revised and work with EXUP. Oh yes, much larger tank bensi make this bike look more muscular.

From sasisnya, this motor has also been re-designed with metal material that is stronger and lighter than before. Swingarmnya longer and the degree of trail riders who make the drive to remain stable this brutal. Marzocchi forks are also made more comfortable handlebar steering control. Both series 990R and 1090RR are also given a new brake system from Brembo, plus Monoblocs units with 320mm discs.

MV Agusta F4 RR 312 2010 Fullscreen Pics

MV Agusta F4 RR 312 2010 Fullscreen Pics
The MV Agusta F4 is trully the atramentous warrior, its a dream motorbike for every boys who adulation speed. Whole anatomy fabricated from carbon cilia were corrective in atramentous will emphasized masculinity. This abundant ride account for $42 thousand, absolutely big-ticket for me .

In acclimation to accord the addition bigger council ergonomics, the artificial aluminum clip-ons are slanted 5° to the accumbent and brought advanced by 5mm. New grips that optimize beating black accept been fitted. All F4 Tamburini bodywork is fabricated of carbon fiber, including the assimilation ducts. The appropriate finish, which leaves the carbon cilia “weave” arresting to the naked eye, added emphasizes the use of this material. The Tamburini logo on the abandon of the allowance based on the designer’s signature beneath is new.

The rear abeyance is adapted with the advocate Sachs Antagonism shock cushion that belongs to the aforementioned ancestors as those acclimated in Formula 1 racing. The assemblage is added than 1,200 grams lighter due to absence of a gas backlog and is adapted with rebound-compression (High speed/Low speed) damping and bounce preload acclimation as able-bodied as hydraulic ascendancy that makes arrangement easier and added accurate.
The acknowledged change of the F4 RR 312 lies to a ample admeasurement in abstruse refinements in allegory with the R 312 and includes the following:

new decals and colour schemes;

smoked awning from the F4 CC;

smaller bankrupt appendage pipes with the end allotment cantankerous area akin a “slice of salami”;

new abeyance calibration;

Sachs council damper from the F4 CC;

Brembo monoblock (one-piece) brakes;

1,078cc engine;

slipper clutch;

new abutting arrangement gearbox.
The F4 Tamburini appearance the best abstruse accessories that can be offered on a assembly motorbike. The advanced end is bedeviled by Marzocchi forks with titanium nitride advised 50mm angle legs amid into a batten aluminum base. These backpack the new Nissin Antagonism distinct block 6-piston calipers. The Marchesini auto are aggressive by the aforementioned architecture as acclimated on Grand Prix machines. They are acutely failing and strong, and avowal lower gyroscopic apathy that increases affluence of administration and abeyant cornering speed.

The Y-shaped spokes on the admixture auto alone add to the affected sculpted architecture of the progressive, distinct sided Magnesium admixture accepted arm (weight: 4.1 kg) and accent the aspect of the Tamburini F4 project. This failing actual is additionally acclimated for the anatomy plates (weight: 1.08 kg) and for the lower angle plate. The footrests are adjustable and are not alone fabricated from a solid piece, but additionally avowal the F4 1000 logo. The rear carbon cilia fender is additionally new. Carbon cilia is additionally acclimated for the assorted calefaction shield.

Modivikasi Supra x 125 R Injeksi 2010

Gambar Modivikasi Motor Supra x 125 R Injeksi 2010
Modivikasi Supra x 125 R Injeksi Baru
Foto Modivikasi Supra x 125 R 2010
Honda Supra X 125 RR modificated with antagonism velg and tubeless big tyre. Anatomy has been absolutely modificated with fiberglass into adventurous blazon and abrogation the aback bench little bit higher. Black, Red and White colour choosen for its gambot fibreglass body.

SPESIFIKASI Modivikasi Motor Honda Supra X 125 PGM-FI R 2010


Length x width: 1889 x 702 x 1094 mm
Axle distance: 1242 mm
Lowest distance to the ground: 136 mm
Empty weight: 107 Kg

Type of housing: The backbone
Type front suspension: Teleskopik
Type of rear suspension: swing arm and dual shock absorbers
Front tire size: 70/90 - 17 38P
Rear tire size: 80/90 -17 44P
Brake front: hydraulic disc with dual piston
Rear brake: hydraulic disc with single piston

Fuel tank capacity: 3.7 liters
Engine lubricating oil capacity: 0.7 liter in the periodic replacement
Dental transmission: 4 speed rotary / fixed mesh
Pengoperan dental pattern: N-1-2-3-4-N

Fuel System: Fuel Injection (PGM-Fi)
Engine type: 4 steps, SOHC, air conditioning
Diameter x measures: 52.4 x 57.9
Volume measures: 124.8 cc
Comparison of compression: 9,0:1
Maximum Power: 9.18 PS / 7500 rpm
Maximum torque: 0.99 kgf.m/5.000 rpm
Clutch: Double, automatic, centrifugal, wet type
Starter: Pedal and electric
Busi: ND U20Epr9 / NGK CPR6EA-9

Battery / battery: MF 12 V -3.5 Ah
Ignition system: transistorized fill

Modivikasi Motor Suzuki Satria Fu 150 cc 2010

Gambar Modivikasi Motor Suzuki Satria Fu 150 cc 2010
Modivikasi Motor Suzuki Satria Fu 150 cc 2010This is a alternation of modifications satria FU. If You are a big fan of suzuki Satria FU, the do not absence this Best Mods Suzuki Satria FU photos. You can Use Satria FU modification these photos as your afflatus to actualize a bigger motor modification Satria FU. I achievement you like this modification Suzuki Satria FU - Part 1 post, see you on addition column of modfikasi Fu warrior. Just leave some comments if you like this modification suzuki satria FU. Addition column of modification yamaha jupiter mx and modifications kawasaki athelete.
Modivikasi Motor Suzuki Satria Fu 150 cc 2010
Foto Modivikasi Motor Suzuki Satria Fu 150 cc 2010
Modivikasi Motor Suzuki Satria Fu 150 cc 2010
Spesifikasi Satria FU 150 cc 2010 Baru:

Type .................... 4-strokes, DOHC, 4 valve, single cylinder, air cooling
Capacity ............... 147.3 cc
Diameter x step ...... 62 x 48.8 mm
Comparison of compression ... 10.2: 1
Power max. ............ 16 PS@9.500 rpm
Torque max. ............. 1.27 kgf-m@8.500 rpm
Carburetor .............. Mikuni BS 26-187
Air Filter .......... Paper
Starter system .......... Legs & Electrical
Transmission ............... 6 speed, 1 up, 5 down
Clutch ................. Multiplat, wet

Front suspension .......... Telescopic, spiral springs and bearing grease
Rear Suspension ....... Monoshock, arm swing, spiral spring and oil bantlan
Front & Rear brakes .... Disc
Tires & Wheels Front ........ 70/90-17 38S
Tires & Wheels Rear ..... 80/90-17 44S
For power, Satria is still excellent with a maximum capacity 16 PS@9.500 rpm, while the CS1 12.8 PS@10.000 rpm. Satria ability to produce maximum torque is also better, which is 1.27 kgf-m@8.500 rpm, while the CS1 1.04 kgf-m@7.500 rpm.

Another competitor is Jupiter MX Satria with a 135 cc engine which is currently the most expensive version (cast wheel and clutch automatic) offered at a price of USD 15,050,000. In terms of power and torque of Jupiter MX was lost. 11.33 PS@8.500 maximum power and torque of 1.165 rpm kgfm@5.500 rpm.